This is how Travelmattress is used

This is how the Travel Mattress is used
Travelmattress is a bed mattress
which is laid on the existing bed.

1. Begin by removing the duvet and sheets from the bed and rolling out your mattress.

2. The mattress looks bigger than the bed when it is unfilled but when the air comes in it shrinks.

3. Fill the mattress completely with the hand pump so that it unfolds. If the air is stopped on the road, it usually helps to stretch it wide so that the air can pass through the ducts on the sides. Now the mattress shrinks and fits a normal bed.

4. Lie down on the mattress the way you usually lie (side / back or stomach) and let out so much air that you are just beginning to feel the hotel's mattress, which is usually about 50% of the air. Adjust as needed with more or less air until it feels good.
the mattress looks almost empty on air but when lying on it the body's weight compensates so that the air settles into the weak and provides support in the right place.
It is easy to adjust it whenever you want and you quickly learn what amount of air suits you best.

5. Pull on the cover and then bed with the hotel's sheets.

6. Sleep well!

If you need to test it at home, it is best to do it on a hard surface or to put your own bed mattress on the floor and then try with travel mattress on top to emulate a hard hotel bed. If you test on your usual soft bed at home, you do not feel the function properly. It can be a little harder at first to fill it and let out the air, but it gets easier when it's been used sometime.