Travelmattress 990 Skr

990 kr
Inc. 25% Tax

Sleep well - even on your trip.
Do you think the beds are too hard on the tourist hotels?
Do not want to wake up with body aches and stiffness that can be felt by
Having been on a hard
hotel bed?

With this travel mattress used as bed mattress so you can sleep well all night. You can adjust the mattress how soft and smooth you want it. The mattress is inflatable with two air zones located alternately makes the air not only folds around the edges when lying on it. It is easy to pack in your suitcase and are lightweight.


Travel mattress is basically a medical air mattress with two air cores that overlap this allows to achieve a good distribution of pressure.
Travel mattress can adjust according to their needs without being an impact despite its low altitude
Bed dimensions: width 87 cm, length 195 cm, thickness 8 cm (packing size 30x20x3 cm, weight 1,6 kg) comes with a hand pump and a coating that makes the hotel bed sheets lying still.
14 days return policy, 2 year warranty.

All prices are in Swedish kronor, but converted to your currency at the current card or invoicing.
Approx prices (depending on the current exchange rate)

Sweden 990 Skr incl Shipping
Norway 932 SKR incl Shipping
exkl Nors tull o moms ca 350 Nkr
(Totalt ca 1220 Nkr)
Denmark 1010 DKK incl Shipping
Euro countries ca125 Euro incl Shipping
USA 205 USD incl shipping
Other countries email inquiry

Credit card payments, PayPal
Invoice 21 days, offered to Sweden and Norway.

Sleep tight wherever you are and make yourself at home.

In tourist hotels are most commonly used hard beds and no mattress pad, this does not fit all people and many of us have trouble sleeping well and wake up with stiff joints and body aches. What to bring travel mattress that can easily be packed in your suitcase could save your sleep on the trip and you can wake up more refreshed and enjoy more of the day.


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